Tuesday, June 11, 2013

may in photos;

unlucky amy awhh // ice cream, nutella, peanut butter, and cookies. mmm // max sleeps weird // haircut
hello piercings // closeup of this collar // mr magorium's wonder emporium // so.much.chinese.food
absolutely gorg necklace from clothingloves.net // end of college countdown // sweets! // last ever day as a student
at the hospital with my sister // ghetto-fabulous earrings // watching the office with my cat // 2mm
fotd // big hair don't care // macarons! // i bought an iphone
switched to a new mobile network

I'M OFFICIALLY QUALIFIED!  As of the 10th of June 2013, I now have an honours degree!  Four long years of college have finally paid off, and now that I have finished studying, I have more time to blog.  Win-win?  So now that I have more time to dedicate to all of my lovely readers, I thought it was about time that I set myself a schedule.  From now on, I will post every Tuesday and Friday for definite, but I'll try to fit in as many posts as I can during the week.  How does that sound?  Thanks again for your patience.  I love you all!


  1. Love the closeup of the spotty collar and the eye makeup! :) xo

  2. Lovely pictures :) followed you on GFC!


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