Thursday, June 20, 2013

haul: river island;

 (oversized oil-slick tshirt - €12)

(natural light vs. flash // grey leggings - €22 // wet-look leggings - €25)

In just over twenty-four hours, I will be seeing Rihanna in concert as part of her Diamonds World Tour at the Aviva stadium in Dublin.  I. am. so. excited!   In the spirit of the occasion, I took to River Island to buy a Riri-worthy outfit.  Unfortunately, none of these items are part of Rihnna's collection, but I'm really happy with what I managed to pick up.  

The oversized black tshirt has a metallic oil-slick print on the front, which I adore, and rolled-up sleeves.  It hangs really nicely, it's really comfortable, and it's long enough to cover my bum!  A steal for only €12!  The first pair of legging I got, for €22, are a dark-grey, distressed-looking pair.  Although the legs are just a bit longer than I'd like, these fit me well.  The sizes are quite big, though, so I'd suggest going for a size smaller than you'd usually wear.  As for the other pair, I love wet-look/disco pants-style leggings, so I picked this black pair up aswell.  For just €25, the fabric is quite thick and feels durable, not like it's going to fall apart in my hands like some cheaper pairs.

For the gig, I plan to wear the tshirt and black leggings with my black Dr. Martens and heaps of jewellery, and hope that it doesn't start to rain!  

Have you bought anything from the new Rihanna collection?  What would you wear to a gig?  Thanks for reading! 


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