Sunday, May 12, 2013

ootd: ice-cream;

I have a bit of a confession to make.  I didn't wear this outfit today (!!).  I actually wore this last Tuesday, but I haven't had a chance to post since then.  Sorry!  I wore this into college to watch my classmates demo their video editing module assignments and was told several times that I looked "adorable" and "like an ice-cream.  Hmm...

Anyway, the polka dot dress with the cutest collar and the lilac jumper are both from Penneys/Primark.  This jumper is really comfortable and really summery, and I've been wearing almost non-stop since I bought it.  The chunky gold necklace is from River Island, as is the clip-in hair braid (I love this so much!  Reminds me of being a child again!) that you can kind of see in the first picture.  I kept my make-up pretty simple with my everyday brown smoky eye, with MAC's Please Me lipstick.

This is only my second outfit post and, seeing as I don't own a full-length mirror or a tripod, I hope this one turned out a bit better than the last one.

Thanks for reading!


  1. It was the cutest thing ever :P

  2. love your blog and style, followed you on blogger and bloglovin :) xx

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  4. Love the dress/shirt underneath that jumper, looks good together, especially with the collar haha, I'm a sucker for cute collars! xo

    Holly |

  5. Such a pretty look! Enjoy your day :)
    Penny Rose

  6. I hate collars on me,but love them on others... Mega cute.

    I have a M.A.C giveaway on my blog at the minute. You should check it out :)

  7. Hey, Today I reached 200 followers on my blog and I wrote a post including you and your blog to thank you for nominating me for the versatile bloggers award.

    Charlie xx


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