Sunday, January 6, 2013


On paper, 2012 was one of the best years of my life.  I passed my driving test, got a Distinction on my degree, turned 21, reached a thousand followers on tumblr... but the reality is that I spent most of the year wasting time and being miserable.  I was unhappy, I am unhappy, but I'm making a promise to myself to not let 2013 pass the same way. 

Every year, I make dozens of resolutions and, although I make them with the best intentions, they're all outlandish, ultimately unreachable and my failure to fulfil any of them leaves me disenchanted.  Every year, the same routine.  But not this year!  I am going to make 2013 my bitch.

2013 resolutions goals:

(1) Eat Healthier:  This time last year, I vowed to lose a shed-load of weight, expecting it to happen quickly with minimal effort.  Go figure, it didn't work.  My health is beginning to suffer as a result of my weight, so this year, I'm going to try something different.  Instead of aiming to just lose weight and get stuck in that miserable boo-I'm-on-a-diet frame of mind, I want to just be healthier.  My insides need a make-over and hopefully, by upping my vegetable and water intake and cutting out as much junk food as possible, I'll stop feeling so ill all the time.

(2) Learn to Cook!:  As is, my culinary skills extend to buttering toast and boiling an egg.  Not very impressive.  I want to cook something from scratch at least once a week, even if it's just something simple.  I'm quite exited for this, if I'm honest!

(3) Stop Dragging my Heels:  A strange one, I'll admit, but I was given knees for a reason.  Plus, the heels of my shoes are getting worn and destroyed from being scraped along the ground with every step.  Bad habit, be gone!

(4) Experiment with Colour:  Every month, I spend a fortune on eyeshadow in every colour under the sun.  What colours do I actually wear?  Beige, brown, black, and more brown.  This year, I want to get my money's worth from my make-up collection, and work on how I can integrate colours into my everyday routine.

What resolutions have you made this year, if any?  Happy 2013, and thanks for reading!


  1. Love the blog cuz! As I have been learning to cook myself over the last year or so, I can heartily recommend the BBC Good Food website for easy and delicious recipes to get you started. I've added two of my favs which are yum and SUPER easy!

    Good luck with your goals for the year - I'll be following you here xx

    1. Awh, thank you, Sarah! Glad you like it. :) I'll definitely check those out, yeah xx

  2. nice post - a refreshing way to look at resolutions! x

  3. i need to learn to cook too lol. happy new year! x

  4. Great goals! We should add "learn to cook" to our list as well :)

  5. Posting this here because I couldn't find anywhere else too..
    Just come across your blog.. it's lovely
    I will be clicking the member button(:
    Would you mind helping me out and becoming a member of mine? <3

  6. Experiment with colour is such a good resolution! Really love your blog x


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