Thursday, December 6, 2012

tag: the blogger tag;

So, I've been tagged by the fabulous Miss April Rose to do the blogger tag.  I've never been tagged before and, I dunno, it's nice to feel like I'm actually getting somewhere with this blog.  Before I get too ~emosh~, let's get on with the questions!  Enjoy!

(1)  Each person tagged must post 11 random facts about themselves.
(2)  They must answer the 11 questions posted by the previous blogger.
(3)  They must create 11 more questions to ask their tagged bloggers.
(4)  They must tag blogs with 200 followers or less.
(5)  Those bloggers must be told.
(6)  No tag backs.

11 random facts;
(1)  I'm a total hoarder. Seriously.  I collect pointless knick-knacks and can never bring myself to throw anything away.  My room is full of useless things.
(2)  I hate Alicia Keys.  Like, really hate.  Not just her singing, but her as a person.  And Bruno Mars.  And Ed Sheeran.
(3)  Last night, I caught my cat drinking out of the toilet.  And then she tried to lick my face.  Nice.
(4)  I always always chew gum.  Cherry Airwaves or Extra Ice, thanks.
(5)  My car is named Dustin Hoffman.
(6)  I rub the top of my head when I get angry.
(7)  I talk to my pets in a baby voice.
(8)  Today is my last day of being 20.
(9)  Daisies are my favourite flower.
(10)  I wore a brown dress to my debs/prom.  It was fabulous.
(11)  I much prefer 7up free to regualr 7up.

April Rose's questions;

(1)  What is your most embarrassing moment?
Here's the thing,  I don't get embarrassed that easily.  I don't really get embarrassed at all.  I cry watching Hollyoaks all the time?  I guess that counts as embarrassing.

(2)  Who inspires you?
Emmett Honeycutt.  I know he's fictional, but he doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, he always looks on the bright side, and he has swagger for days.  I want to be just like him when I grow up.

(3)  Your favourite shop?
Brown Thomas or LUSH.

(4)  Coke or Pepsi?
'Tis the season, it's always the real thing.

(5)  What is the one beauty product in your life that you will never stop using?
The Righteous Butter.

(6)  What is your favourite smell?
The smell you get walking past/inside a LUSH store. Mmm.

(7)  Where is your current location?
I'm in room IT120, in college.

(8)  What were you doing 3 hours ago?

(9)  If you had to have toes for fingers or fingers for toes, which would you choose?!
Fingers for toes.  Toes are creepy, I couldn't deal with having them on my hands.  Plus, the foot-fingers could be useful for picking things up and the like.

(10)  What is something you're scared of?
I am a total scaredy-cat.  Lots of things frighten me.  Creepy crawlies, jellyfish, the ocean in general, horses, being electricuted, getting taxis alone...

(11)  What is your favourite makeup brand?
Urban Decay.

My questions;
(1)  Three beauty products you can't live without?
(2)  Three everyday/household items you can't live without?
(3)  What's your favourite radio station?
(4)  What songs are you currently loving?
(5)  What was/is your favourite class at school?
(6)  Can you do a handstand?
(7)  What songs do you sing in the shower?
(8)  Black or blue pen?
(9)  What's your favourite fast-food restaurant?
(10)  What are your favourite baby names?
(11)  Daddy or chips?

My tagged bloggers;

Thanks for reading!


  1. Haha! I don't get embarassed sometimes too! :))



  2. Thanks I will do this tomorrow :)

  3. Urban Decay has good products indeed! :)
    Nice post Shona! :)

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  4. Great tag, I'm sure you looked gorgeous at your prom :) love your interesting facts, normal 7up all the way! X


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